Magikana Location ~ Welcome to 'Dragonland'

Our festival home is a wild and secluded valley – a dreamscape of luscious green hills, magikal meadows and crystal streams. A true ‘Heaven on Earth’ location!

Magikana is set deep in the Heart of ‘Dragonland’, Cambrian Mountains, Wales. It is situated in one of the most remote areas of the UK, a special place where the roads end and the wild Welsh nature begins.

To come to Magikana is a bit more than attending a typical festival, it is also an enriching and wonderful Summer Holiday.

Come and immerse yourself in the Magikal Shire!

Magikana Festival is held on a privately owned 5000 acre hill farm in the heart of the Welsh Cambrian Mountains. The area surrounding the festival site is a protected habitat of outstandingly beautiful mountain plateaus and untouched valleys. The river running through the venue is one of the major sources for the River Towy, which enters the sea in Carmarthen Bay. Some refer to it as ‘Merlins River’ due to this and the myth that Merlin’s legendary cave is to be found in the vicinity of the site.

Around the venue you can find quartz crystal, green hills unto infinity, craggy cliffs and long lost valleys. There is an abundance of wildlife such as red kites and other birds of prey, otters, badgers, foxes, wild ponies and horses and, of course, some good ole Welsh sheep. On the hills surrounding the land you will also find standing stones and old stone circles. Whilst at the festival we encourage you to climb one of the hills to enjoy some stunning views as far as the eye can see.

In today’s world of increasing pollution and development, Magikana Festival venue is a true ‘Heaven on Earth’ which has been protected by the landowners for many generations in the face of the uncertainty and difficulty of hill farming.

We are truly blessed to be able to gather in such a place. 

Please act accordingly and ‘leave no trace’. Feel free to take your memories home with you, but only your footprints must remain.


Precise location will be distributed to ticket holders during the days leading up to the festival. 

  • The nearest towns are Tregaron to the North or Lampeter to the South, both 8 miles away from the festival.
  • The nearest village is Llanddewi Brefi, 6 miles away from the festival.

In order to plan your journey, Magikana Festival is approximately:

2 hrs drive from Bristol
2.5 hrs drive from Birmingham.
3 hrs drive from Liverpool.
4 hrs drive from London (motorway 80% of the way)

Public Transport Options

There are public transport options to the nearest towns, Lampeter and Tregaron (train and/or bus).

Taxis are available from these towns to the nearest village, Llanddewi Brefi or directly to the festival.

Maybe you could share a taxi between friends or get a ride from the nearest town or village, or prepare for a slow pace walk to the festival which is doable.

Also check the Magikana Rides Chat on the Magikana Facebook Group.

More public transport info will be published here.


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